Paper Wigs Palooza

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Embodying ridiculous glamour and intriguing fanfare, paper wigs are lining the path to a fantastical land where dreams become reality. A friend recently posted these designs on my Facebook page, sure they would suite my fancy, and clearly, she is right (yes, I give credit where credit is due)! A lover of avant-garde pieces, paper wigs are naturally right up my ally. Willing and able (if I’m not, don’t tell me) to adorn myself with elaborate, unconventional designs, naturally, I am dying to get one! At the intersection of present and fantasy, the wigs are styled like “real” life, from pigtails to afros to ice cream cones to hats, all bases are covered.

Below are pictures from a paper wig line created by designers Nikki Salk and Amy Flurr for a clothing store. Fun, elaborate attention grabbers that are guaranteed be cooler than wigs made of hair. Unfortunately they do not look as glamorous on the in-store mannequins, perhaps they should have selected contrasting colors so the wigs popped.

Be courageous and grab a paper wig before Lady Gaga does 😉  Actually, paper wigs may be a step backward for her, after draping her body in raw meat, paper is likely to be too conventional!


‘curly butterfly’

‘ice cream cone’

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Jennifer Lopez Behind the Metal

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Jennifer Lopez
J.Lo is back in the game. Her new album Love? is expected to drop May 3 and her second single, “I’m into You,” includes Lil’ Wayne – always a good look. A look all to herself, People’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World was naturally granted an”all access” pass to Chichen Itza, Mexico, where she posed on noteworthy archaeological sites. One of my fave images is J.Lo bound by metal strips, legs straddling the Mayan steps,eyes focused on the horizon (we wish she her look was a bit more intense, more “i’m going to pounce on the next thing coming,” but it’s cool) . And is J.Lo wearing a matching dress/turban combo – love that. Well when the video is up, perhaps we will post that as well, right now, we wanted to acknowledge her metal ensemble, LOVE IT!

Model Monday: Noémie Lenoir

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Modeling almost as long as she’s been alive,  Noémie Lenoir was spotted by Ford Models at the age of 16 in Versailles, France. A mixture of Malagasy and French ancestry, Noémie has an unforgettable face marked by stormy hazel eyes and golden brown wavy hair. This French beauty has been in the business for a while, dating back to signing to L’Oréal in 1995, but in 2001 her career made an epic leap forward. Her editorial credits began rolling in with Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Next, and numerous top magazines. A breakout move for Noémie was posing for the preeminent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, where she was one of the issue’s most popular pinups. Since then, her career has moved outside of modeling and into the realm of acting, she appeared in the music video for Usher’s single Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home), indy flicks, award-winning international movies, and the list is still growing.

In regards to her personal life Noémie is single, but has been linked to Russell Simmons, Stomy Bugsy, a French rapper, and Claude Makélélé, an international football player and father of her son, Kelyan Makélélé. We are impressed with how her career has grown and excited to see what the future has in store for her. Full of golden corkscrew curls and haunting hazel eyes, we heart Noémie Lenoir.


Oh So Lovely DIY Design Inspirations

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Craving that irresistibly luxe feel you get when sitting in a room designed to the nines or when eying the pages of a divine home decor glossy? It’s exhilarating and deflating in the same moment. On the one hand it’s an amazing design creation to gaze at in wonderment. On the other, it’s a distant wish that seemingly will never come true. Everyone dreams, right? Well, why not take it beyond a dream and bring it to reality with some simple (and not so pricey) DIY tricks.

A tufted headboard can fill your bedroom with whimsy and grandeur. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Check out “a dad a mom and a little lady’s” simple, easy, gather a few friend and get to work stunning version of this fabulous space designer. In love yet? We are!

Dreaming up a sitting are fit for a queen? With strategically situated floor cushions and pillows, that oh so comfy space dedicated to hours of relaxation and reverie. That once boring corner becomes a not soon forgotten room feature. A feature the budget conscious decorator can stomach.  Very Aladdin-esque, wouldn’t you say? And the childhood memories of Disney movies come flowing in…aaaah. Follow “Apartment Therapy’s” DIY advice, and go with any color scheme and design inspiration you desire. You’ll love the finished product!

Want a home office that you just can’t leave. Make it a window into anywhere you’d want to be other than the office, even if it doesn’t have any windows. Pops of color, sleek accents, unique patterns and textures — everyone’s office style varies. The one constant is that an office needs to be a space you enjoy being in. It’s where the magic happens. “The Office Stylist” has some AMAZING home office makeovers, and guess what. They’re all DIY!

Model Monday: Bambi Northwood-Blyth

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Bambi. A white-tailed animated Disney character, known for the awkwardness of a child and having large, doe shaped eyes,  has nothing on the modern model Bambi. Stefani, correctly renamed Bambi for her thick eyebrows and memorable doe-shaped eyes, is an Australian native that is captivating the modeling industry with her runway finesse and editorial pizzaz. Once in a generation a young lassie raises out of the thicket with wild eyebrows and a desire to be a supermodel. Whether or not that success will be seen is unknown, whether her eyebrows will become iconic like Brooke Shields is also unclear, but undoubtedly, this youngster is well on her way to stardom and a welcome addition to the bushy brow crew…


Anywhoo, this Aussie’s piercing blue eyes and pouty lips, first hit the scene in her hometown, Melbourne. After signing to ELite models, she officially moved to the US and debuted at the Spring 2011 runway shows for Jen Kao, Rag & Bone, and Diesel. The laundry list of runways she walked in Europe is quite impressive, ranging from Giles, Topshop Unique, Loewe, and Emanuel Ungaro in UK- all shows styled by Love magazine’s Katie Grand, might we add. To a whirlwind European tour, including Balenciaga’s and Chanel’s runway shows in Paris.



Flawless Friday: A lesson in pink

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A touch of tinkled pink brings out the prettiest little princess in all of us. May not be your everyday color, but on that strategically selected day, with that perfectly chosen look that girlie girl in you will come out. And if you like it more than every now and then, go with it.

A hint of pink on the eyes works for all skin tones. From porcelain to ebony, the color looks flawless. The cheeks too, who would have thought. May look scary in the compact, but once applied, sheer perfection. And now come the lips. A natural hued pink gloss is universal. You can’t go wrong with it. If bright is your forte, rock a fuchsia on the lips. It’s a pretty safe bet that your pink will look amazing.

It’s simple, pink is the perfect makeup color. Well…we’ll have to retract that statement. We’d be lying if we said you couldn’t go wrong with pink. We hate to do it, but here are a few offenders. They’re perfect for the costume party. That’s all we’ll say about that.

Now that you know the good and the bad, go make your pink look work.

Celebrity Kids’ Fashionable Frocks

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If there is an age requirement for having style, it is certainly not until a little one has “come of age,” and even then, your older self will undoubtedly regret your younger self’s decisions. Sad, but true. Even the most stylish adults, have “childhood” regrets. Exactly what age is “the age of reconning” is somewhat unclear, but it is safe to say, that ages 4-12 are not in the equation.

But if you were raised by the artistic whimsy of a celebrity, you may have been a bit different. Perhaps encouraged, if not forced, to cultivate a personalized look. You may have even fallen prey to the allure of avant-garde fashion, plus, had a wallet that could afford it!

A few quirky frocks, overly sophisticated outfits, and fun hairdos are all you needed to make our “12 and Under Dressed to Impress” List. Some of the cutest little ones around were selected for exuding above average fashion savvy (yes, we’re crediting them for selecting their own outfits) and possessing the swag to pull it off. We don’t mind the unconventional, and we absolutely love everything exotic. So go ahead and make your statement on the world, might we even say, “Whip your hair back and forth.” lol!

Willow Smith – we love her innovative and uninhibited fashion sense!!

Stevie Wonder’s son Kailand is too cute in his plaid jacket!

Max , Christina Aguilera’s son, is clearly a hat man!

Christina Aguilera and her son Max are joined by husband and dad Jordan Bratman in his red Ferrari after visiting 3 Square Cafe.

Kingston Rossdale (Gwen Stefani’s son): Another B.J. fave (especially in his dragon costume), is clearly a fashionisto to keep an eye on ;-)! If you didn’t know, you’ve been warned. He’s also absolutely adorable – double win!

Spotted strutting in a sleeveless fur vest, combat boots and a ‘Justice League’ T-shirt, complimented by his bleached blonde (like mother, like son) one sided, bang heavy ‘do.

Kingston Rossdale Gwen Stefani and Kingston Stefani Rossdale attend the L.A.M.B. Fall 2011 show during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City, NY.
Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's son Kingston Rossdale out buying flowers at Ralph's with his nanny. Kingston was wearing a dragon costume and pointing the flowers at photographers like it was a gun.

Ava Phillippe: Reese Witherspoon’s not so secret twin daughter!

Suri Cruise – We cant get over her wearing heels! Where did they find a pair so small???  And is that lipstick?

Nahla Aubrey – Halle Berry’s beautiful baby girl! We just love her in the button down shirt and boyfriend jeans… Just too cute!

Sparrow Madden – Nicole Ritchie’s son