Shoegasm Du jour: Nordy Rack (PLRG Style)

November 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

These shoes illustrate that last season’s discarded goods can become this season’s treasured finds. Discount couture, every Poor Little Rich Girl’s favorite genre of shopping (outside of vintage, of course!). One’s imagination is free to flutter about without being hindered by this season’s “must-have” price tags. There is something pure, almost organic about scavenging racks for a reasonably priced, ultra fly piece, and then scoring a “one of a kind” pair of pumps. The experience instigates a rush of adrenaline that only frugal fashionistas can truly savor. As they are the type of shoppers unapologetically addicted to a steal, destined to score and relentlessly hunting for magical pieces that make a wardrobe sparkle. Baby low pumps, glamorous heels, fire hot wedges – all labeled Fall 2010 “must have”, but marked down due to their debut date falling sometime last season. Ranging from $100-$299, tell me you do not want a pair!

Below are my finds of the day. These shoes punctured my heart, as they tugged too hard on my heartstrings begging me to take them home. Well they did come home, but in picture form- forever immortalized in my memory card lol… But since I am honest, I shall tell you that I sneaked away with a pair of Tory Burch flats for $50… Today was a good day.


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