Tame the CLOSET madness

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What’s the worst thing to have when you get your kicks from trouncing around hidden vintage gems and fabulous boutiques grabbing the fabulous finds that leave you barely able to contain yourself? Long sentence, but had to get all the descriptors out. The answer: a messy closet. You’ve got all these goodies, yet when you need them, they’re nowhere to be found, buried in a mound of treasures – none of which seem to match. Ah, the woes of a fash-a-holic.

Not everyone has the luxury of this closet. Cue the envious glares. Wouldn’t that be nice?

The apartment closet was pretty amazing too!

It is possible to keep the madness under control when you’re short on space and organizational budget. Color coordinate, clear boxes w/photo labels for shoes, out of season clothes at the tip top — simple tricks will get the job done. We like to keep it completely transparent, so we have to let you know that things in our closets get pretty out of control sometimes. Pretty sad situation when time isn’t on our side. I digress.

If Carrie’s closet didn’t get you excited, maybe these will. Couldn’t resist the tease. I apologize in advance.

And now for the practical. See — you can do it!


Oh So Lovely DIY Design Inspirations

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Craving that irresistibly luxe feel you get when sitting in a room designed to the nines or when eying the pages of a divine home decor glossy? It’s exhilarating and deflating in the same moment. On the one hand it’s an amazing design creation to gaze at in wonderment. On the other, it’s a distant wish that seemingly will never come true. Everyone dreams, right? Well, why not take it beyond a dream and bring it to reality with some simple (and not so pricey) DIY tricks.

A tufted headboard can fill your bedroom with whimsy and grandeur. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Check out “a dad a mom and a little lady’s” simple, easy, gather a few friend and get to work stunning version of this fabulous space designer. In love yet? We are!

Dreaming up a sitting are fit for a queen? With strategically situated floor cushions and pillows, that oh so comfy space dedicated to hours of relaxation and reverie. That once boring corner becomes a not soon forgotten room feature. A feature the budget conscious decorator can stomach.  Very Aladdin-esque, wouldn’t you say? And the childhood memories of Disney movies come flowing in…aaaah. Follow “Apartment Therapy’s” DIY advice, and go with any color scheme and design inspiration you desire. You’ll love the finished product!

Want a home office that you just can’t leave. Make it a window into anywhere you’d want to be other than the office, even if it doesn’t have any windows. Pops of color, sleek accents, unique patterns and textures — everyone’s office style varies. The one constant is that an office needs to be a space you enjoy being in. It’s where the magic happens. “The Office Stylist” has some AMAZING home office makeovers, and guess what. They’re all DIY!

Sandscapes and Cityscapes: Sky-high Dubai

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The typical way to experience a destination is by touring historic landmarks, museums and cultural centers. Apparently, Dubai is different. And Dubai is capitalizing on this. From many sky-scraping venues across the Emirate, visitors receive a 360-degree panoramic view of Dubai’s expansive size and overabundance of opulence (no specification necessary). If you enjoy breathtaking views, incredible desertscape, and sky-scraping wonders that seem magical, then you’ll love sky-high Dubai.

Look at the Villages Below

Balloon ride: Commence a dream day overlooking one of Dubai’s hidden treasures – the desert. Imagine your hot air balloon is a magical carpet ride, breezing over ecological wonders, like huge sepia sand dunes, emerald-green oasis, and wandering, wild gazelle and camels. Early risers will feel the warmth of the sun cascading down their back, see the beauty of its colorful rays across the sands, and may even have a chance meeting of local desert people upon landing.

Burj Dubai (Burj Khalifa)

Eat at At.mosphere: Why At.mosphere? As if dining at the world’s tallest restaurant isn’t enough. Where else can you take an elevator ride up 1,350 feet in just 57-seconds? 122 floors in under a minute, amazing, some elevator rides take 5 minutes to go up 10 floors. This ear popping experience is not just about the elevator soaring to the sky at warp speed or ending at the world’s highest restaurant, but there is also food involved. At.mosphere serves “eclectic, European cuisine” and averages $93 for a main entrée and $50 for appetizers. But what is a few hundred dollars when you’re peering down on the Emirate from one of the ritziest venues in town.

“At the Top”: Burj Khalifa is a modern wonder, inciting intrigue internationally for its marvelous engineering and architecture, allowing visitors to experience the world at an unprecedented height.  You’ll zoom to the top on the 65-meter-long travelator, moving at 10 meters per second, practically teleporting you through time. Stopping ‘At the Top’ where guests have an unobstructed 360-degree view of the Emirate, courtesy of floor to ceiling glass walls. Special telescopes provide awe-inspiring visions of the city and if you’re adventurous, you can step onto the open-air terrace and breathe fresh air, gaze at the city below, or reach out and touch the sky. Nighttime has its own flair, as the city is illuminated by glistening city lights and twinkling stars.

Honey me Honeysuckle: From the Runway to Your Hallway

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Dubbed the “color of the year” by Pantone Color Institute, honeysuckle, earned the title and deserves your love for its “uplifting” qualities. Energizing, refreshing, and stimulating, honeysuckle is a spring 2011 must have for fashion. It was seen on numerous runways, such as Cynthia Steffe’s and Erden’s, as well as at fast fashion retailer H&M.

Now we’re here to give you tips on how to infuse your interior with this vivacious hue. We love honeysuckle because of what it represents: persevering, conquering obstacles, and the enduring belief that there’s light at the end of the tunnel… Lets bring the runway to your hallway with a little honeysuckle, sound good to you?

1. Discover Honey – Be able to identify honeysuckle, lol. Honeysuckle is a dynamic amalgamation of pale pink and even paler yellow, basically a reddish-pink mixture. Below is an official honeysuckle color swatch from color specialists at Pantone.

2. Pictures: Whether small accents that make big statements or large, unforgettable, eye-catching concoctions, pictures are always a nice touch.

3. Ornate Rug: Functional & economical, a rug is a perfect choice for a savvy stylista. No explanation needed for throwing out an old, dirty rug and replacing it with a bright, vivacious number.

4. Paint a wall: Bold, unforgettable, and sure to command attention. A few pails of paint won’t break the bank, plus painting is a fun way to update your space  without feeling financially committed to keeping the change.

5. Pillows: Drop’em into your room, pluck’em out at the end of the season and save’em for later. Fast, east, and cute!

6. Stencils: Stencil a fun design on your walls, cabinets, or dresser and color the image in with honeysuckle. This is a fun, inexpensive way to add a dash of pizzaz to your room, while remaining spring/summer 2011 honeysuckle haute.

7. Throw/blanket/comforter: You may not need warmth, but you’ll want to snuggle up under your new alluring throw. Thankfully, functional items can also be fashion statements!

8. Wallpaper: Pricier than painting, but we like the extra level of glamour. More is always better!

9. Couch: Big move for a seasonal change,  but we support it. Honeysuckle couches look amazing!

10. Chairs: Grab an old chair from a local thrift store, preferably one covered in fabric. Head to your local fabric store, grab some honeysuckle threads, staple them on and VOILA! Or buy a chair pre-made – pick your poison.

11. Bonus: Redo your room. Everyone isn’t able, but if you’re positioned to design rooms around the ebbs and flows of seasons-more power to you.

Camera Glasses & Purse Printers: Lady Gaga brings us the new new fashion trend

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She’s fun, flirty, & funky, and now she has proven herself to be tech savvy! Lady Gaga ventured out at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV to demonstrate products she collaborated on with Polaroid under their Grey Label line. She graced the crowd wearing her new Snap Shot Shades, sunglasses embedded with a digital camera and dual LCDs which hide your eyes. One of the most intriguing features of this functional fashion accessory is that the pictures can be viewed outwardly, so friends can enjoy the fun! Apparently the idea was birthed when Lady Gaga had two ipod screens pasted on the eyes of a mannequin during a performance. Gaga seems quite smitten with these shades and their many uses, “These glasses can be worn in public, you can walk around, you can take them to a club, take them to a show or mine, take pictures while I sing on stage.” But how will you get the pics off the shades, you ask? The earpiece contains a USB port, allowing the pics to be wirelessly transported to a computer or printer via Bluetooth.

Would not it be lovely to be able to print the pics while you’re on the go? Well, as a complimentary piece, Lady G also announced a small portable printer, that is reportedly tiny enough to stuff into a purse, and can be linked to goods such as your  sunglasses or a cell phone via Bluetooth as well.

The Grey Label also includes the GL30 Instant Digital Camera, featuring a digital camera, instant photo printer, and digital display.

The products are set to be released in 2011.

From bedroom to ballroom: Designer inspiration

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Genius interior designing gem Nate Berkus, an Oprah protegé might we add,  recently (December 13) aired a show analyzing the unique way fashion designers find inspiration from the beauty found within their own homes. The aesthetics have a way of fluidly translating from home decor to runway chic.

Pure, simplistic backgrounds interspersed with bold pops color randomly exploding into a perfect harmony. Structural masterpieces defined by unique furniture and exquisite layouts with lines and curves reminiscent of the female physique. Oh so lovely!

Let you eyes be amazed as you spy the impeccable creations designed by the likes of Jill Stuart, Badgley Mischka and Jason Wu, each inspired by a room in their respective homes.

(In case you missed the video link, here it is again)

à la mode academic: Marc Jacob’s Bookmarc Collection

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Marc Jacobs bookstore

Variety is the spice of life and designer Marc Jacobs has expanded his repertoire of enviable designs to include school supplies with his Bookmarc Collection. Sure to be the swankiest stationary on the block. We are sure you will receive inspiration from Marc Jacobs’ artistic whimsy, exemplified through his fashionable pencil tins, stylish cases and colored pencils. Prices range from $8- $13, making these goods accessible to any frugal fashionista “in the making”. Destined to be sold exclusively at his New York store in West Village, NY in winter 2010. Only one question left for asking:  who will be purchasing these goods for youngins? Just wondering…

Bookmarc colored pencils by Marc Jacobs

Bookmarc pencil case by Marc Jacobs

Bookmarc stationery by Marc Jacobs 1

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