Teetering on the edge…of stilettos

April 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

We’ve all done it. Hit that imaginary puddle of water or tripped over that painted line. And the results…not too pretty or nonexistent if no one is around. Quick double take over the shoulder and keep it moving.

Well, the queen of the little monsters, Lady Gaga, has taken her fair share of spills on the stage. When you’re teetering around in 12-inch platforms, how can you help but fall? Gaga’s latest tumble inspired an homage to the greatest spills…and recoveries that we could think up. We’ll start it off with our inspiration, GaGa in Houston.

Didn’t miss a note!

Another great performer and recoverer. Is that a word?

Can’t forget about B’s former group mate, Michelle, on 106 and Park.

Here’s our girl RiRi.

Now for the runway. One of the best of all time. Dying with laughter over here.

Please don’t think we’re mean. We do this all in fun and games. None of these ladies were hurt and like the true performers they are, they bit the dust but didn’t miss a moment of the show. We applaud all of them. If only we could be so graceful under pressure.


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