Flawless Friday: Iman, Iconic Beauty

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Blessed with a timeless beauty, Iman is simply stunning. Can you believe she’s 55 going on 56? I can only dream of looking as gorgeous as she does at that age. Her skin is simply amazing. Smooth, supple, seemingly imperfection-less. I stand in awe.

But, the Somali-born Mrs. David Bowie isn’t keeping her secrets all to herself. She’s got a line of beauty products created specifically for women of color. IMAN cosmetics, widely available at major retailers, was the first cosmetic line to embrace women of color from all over the world as a focal point. Iman’s 1994 foray into the world of beauty filled a much needed void. And at $25 million in annual sales — she’s very appreciated.

Iman’s sharing doesn’t stop with her cosmetic line. Her work with Raise Hope for Congo is truly admirable. She is dedicated to creating worldwide awareness to the brutal and systematic use of sexual violence by armed militias in eastern Congo. A sad, but try reality.

She’s the epitome of what Flawless Friday stands for. Just can’t get enough of her!


Tame the CLOSET madness

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What’s the worst thing to have when you get your kicks from trouncing around hidden vintage gems and fabulous boutiques grabbing the fabulous finds that leave you barely able to contain yourself? Long sentence, but had to get all the descriptors out. The answer: a messy closet. You’ve got all these goodies, yet when you need them, they’re nowhere to be found, buried in a mound of treasures – none of which seem to match. Ah, the woes of a fash-a-holic.

Not everyone has the luxury of this closet. Cue the envious glares. Wouldn’t that be nice?

The apartment closet was pretty amazing too!

It is possible to keep the madness under control when you’re short on space and organizational budget. Color coordinate, clear boxes w/photo labels for shoes, out of season clothes at the tip top — simple tricks will get the job done. We like to keep it completely transparent, so we have to let you know that things in our closets get pretty out of control sometimes. Pretty sad situation when time isn’t on our side. I digress.

If Carrie’s closet didn’t get you excited, maybe these will. Couldn’t resist the tease. I apologize in advance.

And now for the practical. See — you can do it!

Boxing Kitten

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If it has a vibrant color palette, an artsy fartsy edge, and opulent accents, chances are – we’ll love it. And if there is neon colored African print involved, chances are we’ll have to get it- have.to.get it. Needless to say, Boxing Kitten captured our attention and immediately drew us into a web of neon eccentricities with their modern twist on vintage ensembles.

Boxing Kitten infuses vintage designs with a modern edge, uniting old and new designs in a playful, vibrant, and desirable manner. Maya Lake is the prowling force behind the kitten, she importants West African Ankara fabric, dyes it through a wax hollandaise method (resulting in the vibrant colors we all love) and then pairs the electric colors with vintage silhouettes (peplum frills to sleek figure enhancing dresses), revamping the 60s sex kitten into a daring darling. 


Model Monday: Samantha Harris

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Samantha Harris is forging a path for herself in the modeling industry and shedding light on the beauty of Aboriginal people. An Australian fashion model of Aboriginal, German and English descent, Samanatha came from humble beginnings in beauty pageants dressed in gowns found at charity shops.  Initially scoped out in a shopping centre on Queensland’s Gold Coast, her real break was reaching the finals of a competition run by Girlfriend magazine in 2004. She was signed by  Chic Models shortly afterwards.

Things are certainly looking up for Sam. She walked the runway for a record number of shows during  Australian Fashion Week 2010, she opened most shows and was declared the “top model.” A pivotal point in her career was being the second Aboriginal model to be featured on the cover of Vogue Australia. An amazing accomplishment, but sad because there is  little recognition of indiginous Australian’s beauty in the country. The world renowned photographer  Patrick Demarchelier photographed Sam for Glamour magazine, which caught the attention of fashion powerhouses Prada and Balenciaga-more to come on that soon. Sam also participated in London fashion week and will be relocating to NYC to further her career.

Yeah, she’s gorgeous, but we also think she may have PERFECT LIPS-great shape, plump, equal proportions on the top and bottom-very cool…

Poised to become the first Aboriginal Australian supermodel, every stride she makes towards that goal is a grand occasion, as she knocks down stereotypes about beauty and overcomes the tortured past and present of Aboriginal people. Even her mother said:”I never dreamed Australia would embrace an Aboriginal model.” 

Bijan Pakzad: He made his own world.

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His name is not as familiar as Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton, but unbeknownst to many, Bijan Pakzad’s designs have surely touched their hearts. It’s an odd situation, the media is claiming that a fashion legend has passed and unfortunately, many are left wondering who this icon was. So MPPR is attempting to reveal who this Iranian-American designer that captured the hearts of kings, heads of states, and presidents is to us.

Iconic Perfume: Bijan was launched by the design house of Bijan in 1987 and is a feminine, woody scent, perfect for evening events. Bottled in the signature design pictured below, a distinctive circular glass flacon with an open center and a dividing web. A bit of an illusion, when the container is half full, it seems to fill two separate chambers, defying the law of gravity, that liquid seeks its own level. This design was found to be so novel that a bottle is on display at the Smithsonian Museum.

Exclusive Boutique: Bijan founded the exclusive, “appointment only” boutique, Bijan, in Beverly Hills, known to be the most expensive store in the world. His customer list includes Presidents Barack Obama, George Bush, and Ronalld Reagan, and celebrities Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise and Anthony Hopkins. Noted designers Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, and Oscar de la Renta also coveted his designs. Outside of his fancy boutique, he was known to park one of his luxury automobiles, a Rodeo drive attraction known to leave mouths agape.

It is estimated that the  Bijan Perfume and Fashion Business brought in an estimated $4 billion in sales worldwide in 2001.

Leaving a legacy that is soon not to be forgotten, it is only fitting that we conclude with a quote from his website.  “The world said to conform. The world said to settle for less. The world said compromise and no one will know … so I made my own world!”

Flawless Friday: Carol's Daughter and the polyethnic campaign

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When we saw this bit of news, we knew it was the perfect topic for our Flawless Friday series. New, exciting strategy from an amazing beauty brand with an even more amazing story, Carol’s Daughter. Love when a company responds to its customers. Hope you enjoy the news as much as we did! You’re sure to fit in somewhere in this new strategy. We can pretty much guarantee it.


Here’s the scoop courtesy of BellaSugar.

In developing its new promotional approach, Carol’s Daughter took a look at the latest US Census data, which reveal that more people are checking the “other” box (or multiple boxes) when it comes to race. To reflect the diversity of the population, the beauty brand has launched a polyethnic campaign. “When I say polyethnic, I mean women who are made up of several ethnicities,” the brand’s Steve Stoute told WWD. “If you ask them what they are, they’re going to use a lot of different words to describe themselves.”

The new campaign will feature Selita Ebanks, who is of African, Indian, Irish, and Jamaican heritage; Solange Knowles, who is of African-American and French Creole descent; and Cassie, who is of Filipina and black ancestry. “Today, people are blended, and I think the three of us are a prime example,” Selita explained. “Women in my family range from vanilla to the deepest chocolate.”

Expect to see the models’ ads out in June, along with a complete repackaging of the line rolling out by next year. Also, Mary J. Blige, who enjoyed much success with her Carol’s Daughter-aligned My Life fragrance, is set to follow up with a flanker scent, My Life Blossom, slated for an August release.


Can’t wait to start seeing all of this roll out. Reminds me that I’m all out of my Almond Cookie fragrance. Time to reorder. Love it!

Teetering on the edge…of stilettos

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We’ve all done it. Hit that imaginary puddle of water or tripped over that painted line. And the results…not too pretty or nonexistent if no one is around. Quick double take over the shoulder and keep it moving.

Well, the queen of the little monsters, Lady Gaga, has taken her fair share of spills on the stage. When you’re teetering around in 12-inch platforms, how can you help but fall? Gaga’s latest tumble inspired an homage to the greatest spills…and recoveries that we could think up. We’ll start it off with our inspiration, GaGa in Houston.

Didn’t miss a note!

Another great performer and recoverer. Is that a word?

Can’t forget about B’s former group mate, Michelle, on 106 and Park.

Here’s our girl RiRi.

Now for the runway. One of the best of all time. Dying with laughter over here.

Please don’t think we’re mean. We do this all in fun and games. None of these ladies were hurt and like the true performers they are, they bit the dust but didn’t miss a moment of the show. We applaud all of them. If only we could be so graceful under pressure.

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