Honey me Honeysuckle: From the Runway to Your Hallway

March 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dubbed the “color of the year” by Pantone Color Institute, honeysuckle, earned the title and deserves your love for its “uplifting” qualities. Energizing, refreshing, and stimulating, honeysuckle is a spring 2011 must have for fashion. It was seen on numerous runways, such as Cynthia Steffe’s and Erden’s, as well as at fast fashion retailer H&M.

Now we’re here to give you tips on how to infuse your interior with this vivacious hue. We love honeysuckle because of what it represents: persevering, conquering obstacles, and the enduring belief that there’s light at the end of the tunnel… Lets bring the runway to your hallway with a little honeysuckle, sound good to you?

1. Discover Honey – Be able to identify honeysuckle, lol. Honeysuckle is a dynamic amalgamation of pale pink and even paler yellow, basically a reddish-pink mixture. Below is an official honeysuckle color swatch from color specialists at Pantone.

2. Pictures: Whether small accents that make big statements or large, unforgettable, eye-catching concoctions, pictures are always a nice touch.

3. Ornate Rug: Functional & economical, a rug is a perfect choice for a savvy stylista. No explanation needed for throwing out an old, dirty rug and replacing it with a bright, vivacious number.

4. Paint a wall: Bold, unforgettable, and sure to command attention. A few pails of paint won’t break the bank, plus painting is a fun way to update your space  without feeling financially committed to keeping the change.

5. Pillows: Drop’em into your room, pluck’em out at the end of the season and save’em for later. Fast, east, and cute!

6. Stencils: Stencil a fun design on your walls, cabinets, or dresser and color the image in with honeysuckle. This is a fun, inexpensive way to add a dash of pizzaz to your room, while remaining spring/summer 2011 honeysuckle haute.

7. Throw/blanket/comforter: You may not need warmth, but you’ll want to snuggle up under your new alluring throw. Thankfully, functional items can also be fashion statements!

8. Wallpaper: Pricier than painting, but we like the extra level of glamour. More is always better!

9. Couch: Big move for a seasonal change,  but we support it. Honeysuckle couches look amazing!

10. Chairs: Grab an old chair from a local thrift store, preferably one covered in fabric. Head to your local fabric store, grab some honeysuckle threads, staple them on and VOILA! Or buy a chair pre-made – pick your poison.

11. Bonus: Redo your room. Everyone isn’t able, but if you’re positioned to design rooms around the ebbs and flows of seasons-more power to you.


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