Celebrity Kids’ Fashionable Frocks

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If there is an age requirement for having style, it is certainly not until a little one has “come of age,” and even then, your older self will undoubtedly regret your younger self’s decisions. Sad, but true. Even the most stylish adults, have “childhood” regrets. Exactly what age is “the age of reconning” is somewhat unclear, but it is safe to say, that ages 4-12 are not in the equation.

But if you were raised by the artistic whimsy of a celebrity, you may have been a bit different. Perhaps encouraged, if not forced, to cultivate a personalized look. You may have even fallen prey to the allure of avant-garde fashion, plus, had a wallet that could afford it!

A few quirky frocks, overly sophisticated outfits, and fun hairdos are all you needed to make our “12 and Under Dressed to Impress” List. Some of the cutest little ones around were selected for exuding above average fashion savvy (yes, we’re crediting them for selecting their own outfits) and possessing the swag to pull it off. We don’t mind the unconventional, and we absolutely love everything exotic. So go ahead and make your statement on the world, might we even say, “Whip your hair back and forth.” lol!

Willow Smith – we love her innovative and uninhibited fashion sense!!

Stevie Wonder’s son Kailand is too cute in his plaid jacket!

Max , Christina Aguilera’s son, is clearly a hat man!

Christina Aguilera and her son Max are joined by husband and dad Jordan Bratman in his red Ferrari after visiting 3 Square Cafe.

Kingston Rossdale (Gwen Stefani’s son): Another B.J. fave (especially in his dragon costume), is clearly a fashionisto to keep an eye on ;-)! If you didn’t know, you’ve been warned. He’s also absolutely adorable – double win!

Spotted strutting in a sleeveless fur vest, combat boots and a ‘Justice League’ T-shirt, complimented by his bleached blonde (like mother, like son) one sided, bang heavy ‘do.

Kingston Rossdale Gwen Stefani and Kingston Stefani Rossdale attend the L.A.M.B. Fall 2011 show during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City, NY.
Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's son Kingston Rossdale out buying flowers at Ralph's with his nanny. Kingston was wearing a dragon costume and pointing the flowers at photographers like it was a gun.

Ava Phillippe: Reese Witherspoon’s not so secret twin daughter!

Suri Cruise – We cant get over her wearing heels! Where did they find a pair so small???  And is that lipstick?

Nahla Aubrey – Halle Berry’s beautiful baby girl! We just love her in the button down shirt and boyfriend jeans… Just too cute!

Sparrow Madden – Nicole Ritchie’s son


Sandscapes and Cityscapes: Sky-high Dubai

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The typical way to experience a destination is by touring historic landmarks, museums and cultural centers. Apparently, Dubai is different. And Dubai is capitalizing on this. From many sky-scraping venues across the Emirate, visitors receive a 360-degree panoramic view of Dubai’s expansive size and overabundance of opulence (no specification necessary). If you enjoy breathtaking views, incredible desertscape, and sky-scraping wonders that seem magical, then you’ll love sky-high Dubai.

Look at the Villages Below

Balloon ride: Commence a dream day overlooking one of Dubai’s hidden treasures – the desert. Imagine your hot air balloon is a magical carpet ride, breezing over ecological wonders, like huge sepia sand dunes, emerald-green oasis, and wandering, wild gazelle and camels. Early risers will feel the warmth of the sun cascading down their back, see the beauty of its colorful rays across the sands, and may even have a chance meeting of local desert people upon landing.

Burj Dubai (Burj Khalifa)

Eat at At.mosphere: Why At.mosphere? As if dining at the world’s tallest restaurant isn’t enough. Where else can you take an elevator ride up 1,350 feet in just 57-seconds? 122 floors in under a minute, amazing, some elevator rides take 5 minutes to go up 10 floors. This ear popping experience is not just about the elevator soaring to the sky at warp speed or ending at the world’s highest restaurant, but there is also food involved. At.mosphere serves “eclectic, European cuisine” and averages $93 for a main entrée and $50 for appetizers. But what is a few hundred dollars when you’re peering down on the Emirate from one of the ritziest venues in town.

“At the Top”: Burj Khalifa is a modern wonder, inciting intrigue internationally for its marvelous engineering and architecture, allowing visitors to experience the world at an unprecedented height.  You’ll zoom to the top on the 65-meter-long travelator, moving at 10 meters per second, practically teleporting you through time. Stopping ‘At the Top’ where guests have an unobstructed 360-degree view of the Emirate, courtesy of floor to ceiling glass walls. Special telescopes provide awe-inspiring visions of the city and if you’re adventurous, you can step onto the open-air terrace and breathe fresh air, gaze at the city below, or reach out and touch the sky. Nighttime has its own flair, as the city is illuminated by glistening city lights and twinkling stars.

Model Monday: Melodie Monrose

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It is hard to imagine Melodie Monrose’s vicious cheekbones shyly hidden behind a book, but her mother, an educator, wouldn’t have anything else. Her childhood was spent in libraries, museums, and other cultural centers, until she was discovered in 2010. Mere weeks before the spring 2011 runway casting shows began, Melodie was whisked away from her home in Martinique, and hurried to NYC, where she was signed to Wilhelmena Models – on the spot! Her timing may have hindered some opportunities, but success couldn’t be thwarted and Melodie landed a spot in Vena Cava’s show, which opened doors for her to walk in Marc Jacobs, DKNY, rag & bone, and Jason Wu shows later that week. The rest is history; the shows she was featured in basically launch her to supermodel status. From Prada, Missoni, Bottega Veneta, and Gucci in Milan to Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino in Paris. An icon in the making, Melodie Monrose, though just a year in the game, is no rookie to the runway.

She appeared in the February 2011 all-black editorial in Italian Vogue, alongside Jourdan Dunn and Chanel Iman.
Melodie Monrose
Her role models are all beauties in their own right, Noémie Lenoir’s, Coca Rocha, and Marilyn Monroe, undoubtedly faves for their outstanding looks, enviable abilities, and most importantly, that certain je ne sais quoi about them. 

An artsy fartsy girl at heart, she still loves to go to museums and watch movies- she has an affinity for Pedro Almodóvar’s flicks. In her next life, she sees herself as a fashion designer. Her dreams of becoming a designer were dashed growing up, but she hopes that after experiencing modeling, she will pick up a few things that will provide her with the requisite background to create an amazing collection.

Flawless Friday: Panasonic on beauty duty

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Let’s say you take a snapshot you HATE but don’t have the time to snap another. It happens to the best picture posers out there (we like to put ourselves  in that category). Fret no longer. The Panasonic Lumix FP7 has a built-in beauty retouch feature. Sounds cool, right? Brighter smile, less shiny face, picture perfect makeup…skip PhotoShop, Panasonic to the rescue.

For those only get one chance shots that you want to share with everyone but feel you look slightly awkward in, we say go for it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, and sometimes the camera completely misses the moment. *sigh* But using the feature on every shot takes some of the fun out the picture experience. Everybody loves a candid photo, the good, the bad and the ugly! Sometimes you’ve just gotta roll with it.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Iconic Swag

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As we bid the iconic flair of Elizabeth Taylor adieu, let’s linger for a moment on some magical moments from her life. From childhood  her charming ways captivated hearts and her lust-worthy looks amazed millions. She had a quality that kept her relevant for decades and a philanthropic heart that lead her to make contributions with everlasting effects. We curtsy and bow to your iconic swag, may you rest in peace Elizabeth Taylor.

Model Monday: Katoucha Niane

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Katoucha Niane, a Guinean beauty born during intense political unrest, used her experiences as motivation to make her dreams a reality. Born to be an activist, Katoucha’s family’s political opposition to then Guinean President, Sekou Toure, forced  the family into exile. Katoucha was separated from her family and lived with an uncle in Mali, until age twelve, when she was reunited  with her family in Dakar. By age seventeen she was married and had given birth to her first child,soon after she and her husband emigrated to France.

Her modeling potential was discovered upon her arrival in France in the 1980s. Thierry Mugler, Paco Rabanne, Christian Lacroix, and Yves Saint Laurent escorted her into the industry.  She eventually became known as Yves Sant Laurent’s “muse.” Also known as “the Peul Princess,” referring to her Fula heritage, she worked and wrote under the name “Katoucha.”Her father is Djibril Tamsir Niane, a historian, playwright and storyteller, most noted for translating Sundiata for the Western world. 
In 1994 Niane refocused her energy to fight against female circumcision, a prevalent issue in some African countries and one that she herself was forced to endure at age 9. She went on to found her own organization against female circumcision, KPLCE.

Katoucha passed away in 2008 following  a mysteries series of unknown events.

Flawless Friday: Inglot Cosmetics

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Prepare to be blown away by a barrage of colors so eye-catching and stunning you’ll have no idea how to choose which to use. They’re fresh and fun and have all the makings of an undeniably fly look. Inglot Cosmetics, a from the ground up cosmetic company built on the principal that quality ingredients create quality products, continues to amaze the makeup world more than 25 years after its founding.

With a bevy of bright, magical colors the creation possibilities are endless. It will be an experiment of pure amazingness as you mix and match colors and textures to your heart’s content. With products for your face, body, lips, nails and eyes, you won’t know where to start…or stop. A special tidbit about Inglot — they know creative makeup geniuses have imaginations that never end, so their Freedom System allow you to create your very own color palette. Gotta love it! Can’t wait to get started on yours? Check it out here.

And there’s bit of exciting news New Yorkers can revel in… Inglot recently opened a new NYC location. It’s a 6,000 square foot studio on the fifth floor of Chelsea Market. It’s a wonderland of endless reverie for makeup lovers.

You never cease to amaze us Mr. Inglot!

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