Bubblegum Raindrops & Sugar Coated Snowballs: Daisy de Villeneuve

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Creating deceptively simple caricatures of life and illuminating them with quirky features and vibrant color palettes is the trademark aesthetic of illustrator Daisy de Villeneuve. Noted for her felt tipped designs radiating with her signature child like flair, Daisy’s work is pure funkadelic fun.

Her illustrations have captured the attention of Top Shop, LVMH, Nike, Vogue, & Random House. She also collaborated with Zac Posen on Z Spoke S/S 2011. For the line, Daisy recreated her signature aesthetic with a series of bold and colorful illustrations (fruits, vegetables, dancing people, and more) that were then printed on fabrics. She has also published books with cutesy little phrases inspired by her drawings, including He Said, She Said and I Told You So. [Word on the street is that the content was too “intensely real” for the United States market, so it was “dulled” before being distributed here… Definitely makes us want to get an original version.]

There is something special about what she does. Her designs are so simple, yet so complex. What you love about them is also what you hate about them – you think you can do it, but you dare not try. Well, one thing is certain, we cannot get enough of her. Cute, fun, flirty, and youthful, there is something about her designs that make you think of lemon drops, gum drops and sugar coated snowballs. Full of lively colors that will jolt your heart with joy. Enjoy some of the pieces. We sure did 😉





Sunday Style Confidential

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“Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma.” ~John Fairchild

The amazing thing about personal style is that it’s in constant evolution. As we continue to grow and morph into new versions of our former selves, so too does our style. Sneakers to match every possible outfit may have defined our aesthetic as an 18-year-old, but with age comes sophistication, and those sneakers may no longer serve the same purpose for the 25-year-old version of oneself. The beautiful thing about an evolving style is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s a good thing, so embrace it.

Don’t be afraid of where your style takes you.  The process is one of learning and discovery. Have fun, be free and enjoy every minute of the journey. Style should be easy. When the world gets a glimpse of what makes you you, it shouldn’t look like you used every ounce of energy in your body to make yourself stand out from the crowd. They should say, “Wow, she looks good,” or “Wow, that look is so fun,” and it should end there. They shouldn’t have to ponder whether it’s all for show because style should never be for show. Save that for the costume parties.

Style is all about you. Nothing more or nothing less.


Image Credits: Amai Wana; Hype Beast; Style List; Refinery29

2010 Holiday Lust List: Seasonal Giveaway!!

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With Christmas right around the corner, we know there are still a few gifts left to buy, for yourself or others. With that in mind, we decided to put together a little lust-list, filled with goodies, glam and gorgeous (with a french ring). Let go of your frantic worries, because one item from this list will satisfy all desires and you’ll be deemed the queen of creativity.

How to WIN it all: Leave a comment, mention this link and @BJalamode on twitter or like us on Facebook. One lucky winner will be selected randomly on December 20 to receive the items on listed on the lust list!!!! Just a little Christmas surprise for our lovely readers!

Vase – from 3 Pieces

A wine bottle. A simple item whose utility appears to vanish once the wine is consumed receives a creative jolt of artistic whimsy from designer Jacquelyn Roberts. By connecting with local Atlanta bars, Roberts is able to add a combustion of spray paint and acrylic paints transforming this once discarded bottle into a hip hop encrusted vase. Taking inspiration from music and films, this particular vase was serenaded with purple and gold.

By capturing the essence of the phoenix, 3 Pieces elevates discarded goods by injecting them with ultra hip fresh, fun, and funky ideas to craft their customized creations. Stratified into three product lines, 3 Pieces focuses on natural artisan soy and beeswax candles, mixed marble coasters and vintage and recycled fabric throw pillows. Each piece at 3 Pieces is a labor of love at the hands of owner, Jacquelyn Roberts.

In the spirit of 3 Pieces, dabble into the discarded and realize the hidden beauty.

A Holiday must-have, for something a little edgy, extra funky, and uber unique check out what 3 Pieces has to offer. An online du jour of upcycled creations, 3 Pieces is sure to equip you with something unique.

3 Pieces: your truth, my truth and what really happened = 3 Pieces to the truth puzzle.


Kathleen Lolley Painting – from WHY Louisville

Just a dabble of idiosyncrasy is all it takes to revamp the whole aura of a space. Something a little odd, a little off the cuff, does that little something to set that just right mood.

You may not think of bees as having the perfect mix of intrigue, whimsy and weird, but this Kathleen Lolley painting sold at WHY Louisville flawlessly puts it all together. Suitable for any room and sure to set your mind into a reverie, the dreamy design is holiday lust-list must.

Framed or unframed, propped up or hung let your mind “bee” free as you create the ideal setting for “Better Together”. At 5″x5″, it’s just enough to catch the eye, not enough to overpower and always worthy of a double take.

**WHY Louisville is located at 1583 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY**

Candles – from Candle Bakery

Just imagine a madagascar bourbon vanilla or valrhona chocolate cupcake capped with a bubblegum pink lacquer of berry-infused cream cheese frosting with a cloud of candied shimmers nestled on top — CALORIE FREE! Too good to be true, right? Wrong!

Put your imagination to rest. Founded in 2008 by Lateisha Rivers, Candle Bakery is truly a one of a kind candle business. Specializing in “yummy” candles, Candle Bakery is the go to shop for delectable candle scents designed as sweet little treats.  Offering an array of cupcakes, cakes, pies, martinis and every other tasty, smell good treasure.

These savory little delectable bite-size cupcake candles are hand poured with artisan soy, paraffin, and specialty scented oils. Each treat is custom crafted, to the most minute detail, making every candle a one of a kind, personalized treasure and Candle Bakery a pioneer in the candle “cupcakery” business!

Ooohlala, these cupcakes candles take the cake! Downside: looking at these candles is destined to give you cupcake fever. But so what? It’s the holiday season – ce la vie!

**Candle Bakery is located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia**

Bourbon Balls – from Dundee Candy Shop

A delectable little indulgence, a sinful treat, a sweet moment of ecstasy whatever you want to call it, the Dundee Candy Shop has it.

Their sweet treats have been satisfying lustful desires for years. Take your pick, the shop and online store is filled with goodies to suit any fancy. Gummies, chocolate covered fruits and nuts, truffles, getting excited yet?

Any chocolate lover’s heart will leap with one taste of their specialty — Bourbon Balls. With an outer shell the gently opens to a gooey surprise, one bite and your heart will be content. To say it more eloquently, the Kentucky Bourbon cream center is enrobed in the finest dark chocolate. This Southern holiday favorite is umm umm good!

**Dundee Candy Shop is located at 2112 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY**

The Awakening – by Reggie Eldridge

With a voice as captivating as his words, you can’t help but hang on to every word. Refreshing, yet filled with the truths of lives past and present, his art resonates with any listening ear. Reggie Eldridge; poet, musician, scholar, activist, has a sound of the future.

Based in Tampa, but delivering his spoken word worldwide, Eldridge’s aptly titled third LP, “THE AWAKENING,” is both soothing and stimulating. His style of soul infused with hip-hop captivates audiences and translates into a listening experience like no other.

As you sit back with a toasty cup of coffee or tea, or whatever suits your fancy, your mind will be free to envelop the luxurious sounds Mr. Eldridge produces.

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