Playing the field, fashionably

October 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Venus and Serena aren’t the only athletes who like to glam it up while doing their jobs. Sports that allow individualism in attire have seen a huge upswing in favor of fashion forward frocks. Critics often view the looks as overly sexed, inappropriate or just plain weird, but we think they’re the perfect dash of personality to break up the intense, competitive environment. Whether it’s frilly and bright, or fitted and dramatic, it’s always nice to see a little change from the mundane.

Venus was thrown in the dog house for this look because of the flesh-toned bottoms, that some mistook for bare skin. Why in the world would a tennis player go out and bare her soul to the world with nothing underneath her dress? She’s a fashionista. Let her be free people.

Serena showed off her famous curves in this figure hugging catsuit. She left nothing to the imagination with this one. But, if that what makes her feel good on the tennis court, so be it! Black is sexy. And she won the U.S. Open in this. Who can complain about that?

In an ode to the gloved look, track star Sanya Richard added some panache to her outfit. Track and field athletes have to be aerodynamic, so you’ll never see them with a lacy skirt flapping in the wind, but a couple accessories here and there took Sanya’s look from blah to ooh la la!

Men like to switch it up too. Undeterred by the usual colors of golf’s standard country club casual look, up and coming professional golfer Ryo Ishikawa isn’t afraid to bring wild pops of color to course. This pink look isn’t the only one to turn heads. He’s done just about every color in the rainbow, making a statement and turning heads every time. Change is always good, so keep it coming Ryo.


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