Will the real Facebook please stand up

October 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

As Hollywood takes aim at Facebook with The Social Network, it’s hard not to imagine how close or far from the truth the movie really is. Mark Zuckerberg says there’s no truth to it, while the Winklevoss twins who claim he stole the idea from them say it’s straight from reality, irrespective of the fact that they have yet to actually see the movie. We’ll disregard that fact for now. The story of Facebook, in and of itself, is fascinating, but add the drama surrounding it’s incredible rise to fame and you’ve got a great controversy and blockbuster jewel on your hands.

We all know that a movie wouldn’t be a movie without some dreamed up story lines, but if the meat and potatoes of it all are real, what does it mean for our beloved Facebook? It could just blow over. It could mean bad PR for a giant. A $100M donation to New Jersey school may negate that bad PR. I’m just saying. It could mean that those twins get more money than they’ve already gotten for their stolen dream. The fact that they’ve already gotten one settlement from Zuckerberg is somewhat telling. Are you lying to us Mark?

We may never know the whole truth. I think most of us would be just fine with that scenario.


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