Esperanza Spalding: In Her Own Musical World

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Esperanza Spalding has carved out her own niche in the music world. Steeped in jazz, but emanating styles as varied blues, hip hop, and folk, her sound is unmatched. With a voice that both soothes and surprises, and an instrumental acumen to match, Spalding is the total music package. Her exterior is a exudes a gentle beauty, but she is a tenacious fighter who works hard at her craft and against any negative odds she may face.

Spalding’s sophomore effort Chamber Music Society was released this month.

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Duro Olowu Fall 2010: Patterns & Prints Palooza

August 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

Duro Oluwu, a London based Nigerian designer has released another captivating collection. Dive into the allure of these conceptual creations and allow yourself to pirouette in an eclectic semblance of patterns, tones and textures. Full of flamboyant designs and fluid shapes, I hope you enjoy this fall patterns and prints palooza.

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Outdoorz Gallery — Pure Amazingness

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Home. It yours. Yours to make whatever you desire it to be. You set the tone for your home’s aura, and you have the freedom to change and rearrange as you see fit. It should be everything you want it to be, maybe even a little more. (Don’t worry, it’s not greedy — it’s just keeping it real). Now, imagine choosing the accents for your home in a personalized, individualized, totally catered to you environment. It makes it that much more special. Outdoorz Gallery in Paris is that place, plain and simple. Exotic, modern, intricate, intimate, you can find it all there. Though the designs there are far from plain it simple, the store exudes a down home, mom and pop aura through its service. Whether near or far, each encounter is yours and yours alone. You can peruse pieces in their catalog, head over to their site or go to their actual gallery location for the full show.

It’s worth your time even if you don’t decide to buy. Sometimes a look at amazingness (made that word up) is all you need to brighten your day. Outdoorz Gallery is just one of those places.

ARTIST ON THE RISE: Lizzie Gulick and her felt wonders

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Shelter (The Tree of Life)

Creative. Chaotic. Connected. Each serves as a perfect description of Lizzie Gulick’s woven visions. Never straying from her deep bond to the historical thread linking her to women of the past, she creates through her passion to preserve that attachment.

Keep your eye out for Ms. Gulick. She is an artist on the rise — no doubt about that.

Labor Day Luxe

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Labor Day Luxe

WARNING: If you wear white after Labor Day, you may be judged *Womp, Womp*

Social taboos with dubious origins frown upon wearing white post Labor Day. Making this weekend the final opportunity to let your white shine without social judgment. Though the “rule” is frequently broken, walk with caution as the fall months approach if you are still enticed by the allure of white. Pulling off a white ensemble after fireworks have dimmed can be easily accomplished if you are cautious to save your summer designs (fabrics & styles) for summertime… As the temperatures drop, embrace darker hues of white and do mix and match colors…

Now Go Out and have fun this Labor Day, embrace the thrills & frills that summertime has to offer!

We created this little ensemble to highlight an opportunity to play in chichi, enjoy this Labor Day Luxe!!!

B.J. á la mode

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Stylistically unique. Scrupulously detailed. Voices infused with charm, wit and a dose of fresh fun, balanced exquisitely with precision, technique and class. Devoted to harmonizing meticulous messages with a tripartite cocktail of sweet, sassy and sultry lulls, we orchestrate the melodies necessary to romance one’s desires. Enraptured in sharing our passions, we never hesitate to provide entree into our views. Piquing curiosity with our nouveau chic vista on all things fabulous in the fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and entertainment industries. We curtsy and bow to you for lending us your time and as you enjoy what we have to offer, let us know if we can do anything for you.

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